The concept BOOMDIRECT is simple : when members purchase advertising coupons, BOOMDIRECT offers its partners companies  advertising.

BOOMDIRECT created professional marketing campaigns : Google Adwords , YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads , Adsense etc … In exchange for this advertising , partners companies share their profits with BoomDirect, and then  BOOMDIRECT redistributes more than 80% of those profits to its members through commissions .

The principle is simple : You buy an advertising coupons worth $ 25 in the Boomsharing module. Your advertising coupons are commissioned every week based on sales generated by partners traders.

You have the option to purchase up to 600 advertising coupons in the Boomsharing and a minimum purchase of 2 coupons advertising a $ 50 value.

Each $ 25 coupon advertising is commissioned to the height of 140 %. When your coupon advertising reaches a commission of $ 35 he came out of BoomSharing module.

You can withdraw your winnings and reinvest them in the purchase of new coupons

Purchased advertising coupons are also eligible for additional fees in the Boomsharing module.

The system also allows BOOMDIRECT recruit godchildren and to be paid on their investments , and on 4 levels .

Our opinion: the BOOMDIRECT system is based on real campaigns to advertisers . Although profitability is not guaranteed , it is a guarantee of continuity of the system.


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