This site is dedicated to the presentation of opportunities to earn money using internet


Since one or two years , we see developing at high speed opportunities to make money in the field of internet advertising

Advertising on the internet is not new and its exponential growth is not about to stop ! Indeed, in 2013 it represented a market of $ 120 billion and its growth is 15% per year

What is new is the strategy developed by some advertising agencies to increase their visibility on the internet customers

Indeed, these advertising companies use network marketing to market their offers companies the governance partners

Thus they appeal to people like you and me, called members , to finance advertising campaigns and increase online visibility of partner companies

The remuneration of the members generally takes the form of shared revenue , the advertising for its members donating a portion of its revenues in the form of commissions proportional to investments . The commission is generally about 40 %.

To increase the income of members, ad networks offer members the opportunity to recruit downline who will themselves invest in governance and generate income for their sponsor on the principle of MLM or network marketing

Our goal is to present those that seem most promising in terms of revenue

The best way to tell is to test them !

This is what we do for all those presented below.

If you want to ask us questions , feel free to do so, send us an email using the form on the Contact tab.

Advertising agencies shared revenue we test :

  • Coupons à 25 $
  • No advertising click
  • Sponsorship on several levels
  • Many payment processors ( Neteller, SolidTrustPay , Payza )

I register without obligation

  • Adpack paid $ 49.90 for 110 %%
  • 10 clicks per day
  • Sponsorship on a level
  • Ability to advertisements for your sites
  • Payment Processor: SolidTrustPay

Our opinion: good functioning , withdrawal requests processed in 48 hours

I signed up without obligation

  •  Adpack paid $ 50 to 110% in 55 days
  • Sponsorship on a level with 10 % Commission
  • Possibility of additional gains with links cash ( paid clicks )
  • Ability to advertise your sites
  • Payment processors: PayPal, AlertPay, SolidTrustPay

Our opinion: good functioning , immediate payment withdrawal

I register without obligation

  •  Adpacks from $ 1 to $ 40 paid 120% to 150% over a period of 24 to 42 days
  • 10 clicks per day
  • Automatic Re -purchase
  • Payment processors: PayPal, SolidTrustPay , AlertPay, PerfectMoney
  • Ability to advertise your sites

Our opinion: favorable – do not hesitate to register !

I register without obligation

  • Coupons paid $ 25 to 140 % in 16 weeks§ 10-30 hits per week depending on the number of owned coupons and payment of gains on Friday
  • Sponsorship on several levels
  • Payment Processor to buy coupons : credit card , bank transfer, PerfectMoney
  • Withdrawal methods: payment card to ask Profits25 , Perfect Money

CAUTION: late payments are about to be finally solved! read the latest post Officer


I register without obligation

  •  Adpacks $ 10§ 10 clicks per day§ Gain 150% for about 40 days
  • No re -purchase rule§ Sponsorship at several levels
  • Many payment processors ( SolidTrustPay , AlertPay, PerfectMoney )
  • Ability to advertise your sites

ATTENTION: the delay in payments – DO NOT SIGN FOR NOW –

I register without obligation

  • Coupons paid $ 25 to 140% over 12 weeks
  • In the launch phase : the new back office is not yet available
  • A priori there will be no click to
  • Purchase vouchers by bank transfer or Perfect Money§ Remove: in principle with an ATM card to ask Meoclick

Our opinion : we must wait for the new back office ! There is no interest in investing in Meoclick for now because at the moment there is no possibility of making withdrawals !

I register without obligation

To be continue …

Other presentations will be added to as and when our tests. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

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